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Friday, July 03, 2015 by owner: ilikeeatcookie Answer - Send to a friend Send to a friend

Sells DVD player / VHS recorder YUSHCHENKO: 282 CNY (41 USD)

China - 518000 - SHENZHEN (GUANGDONG)The indicated price is not negotiable
Sells new DVD player / VHS recorder YUSHCHENKO, 282 CNY (41 USD). Good state.

  Yushchenko ST-838 player DVD player mini disc

  Nothing can watch television at the weekend, to see disc. This is the way many people's entertainment. I think that the following DVD machine is very suitable for you.

  The machine features:

  1. A new generation of 8x DVD dual-core decoding technology clearer picture quality.

  2. Power and memory function, then look anywhere.

  3. Super electronic seismic features (MP3 music discs up to 3 minutes long)

  4. usb interface to easily connect U disk reader and other digital storage devices, audio and video file support AVI, MPG, MP3 and so on.

  5. Album supports jpg format digital camera jpg format can be played on DVD through a card reader.

  6. Support CD / MP3 / etc discs

  7. HD EVD function, fully compatible with the current mainstream market definition EVD discs

  8. Direct selections OSD display, the user operates more straightforward

  9. Super electronic seismic features (MP3 music discs up to 3 minutes long)

  10. Super power and memory playback function (at the same time as much memory 8 discs)

  11. Unique image optimization feature a variety of aspect ratio modes: panoramic, mailbox,

  12. Wide screen, to meet the needs of a variety of ornamental

  13. Anti-electromagnetic radiation

  14. Browse playback

  15. Upscale grilled black chassis design

  16. A variety of sound field sound, dynamic spectrum display, personality spectrum set

  17. Linear PCM audio processing, more perfect sound quality

  18. Lai Ying technology, compatible with MPEG 4 * format discs, the movie constantly exciting

  19. Fully compatible with compact disc, DVD, HDCD, SVCD, DVCD, CD, CD-R, MP3, Mr. OKO, MP4, Kodak Picture CD.

  20. Progressive scan video output, clear insurmountable between interlaced lines flash

  21. Sparkle, to better protect your vision, while image clarity significantly

  22. Improve, no flicker, the picture is more delicate, more stable, more clearly

  23. Alternatively PAL, NTSC standard video output.

  24.8 languages and 32 subtitles selection. English-lift operation

  25. Digital display and TV screen prompts (OSD) function

  26. Standard playback, single frame playback, timing play, fast forward, rewind, repeat broadcast

  27. Place, program play, PBC, image to enlarge

  28. Wide supply voltage (~ 90V- ~ 260V / 50Hz / 60Hz) scope of work,

  29. Automatic short circuit protection, so that the machine from voltage fluctuations caused by malfunction

  30. Green power design, standby power consumption of less than 1W

  31. Product List: DVD changer, one Taiwan, a remote control, AV cable group,

  32. A manual warranty card

  The above is what I recommend from AliExpress to everyone on a self balancing electric scooter waterproof balance scooter, are interested, you can contact my email: 460633302@qq. com.

Photo: Sells DVD player / VHS recorder YUSHCHENKO

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