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BOATS : Results for "'user_ref'='ford52'"

Friday, November 09, 2012 by owner: ford52

Sells Boat RANGER: 2,900 USD (2,736 EUR - 17,949 FRF)

United States of America (USA) - 78501
The indicated price is not negotiable
Sells second hand Boat RANGER, 2,900 USD (2,736 EUR - 17,949 FRF). Put into service on Monday, January 01, 2001. Last technical check: Monday, January 01, 2001.

2009 Ranger Z 21 Clean Titles, One Owner.
Boat was purchased with; 0 hrs direct from Ranger. It has 62 running Hours on the Motor + 36 hours under 1000 rpm
This boat was used for about a year every now and then, and has been sitting for 2 years, The lake is too far now since we moved, so the boat has to go. The boat has been tested and everything is working at 100%
Its a Ranger Z21, 2009, with a Yamaha 250 hp.
This boat is in great shape and ready to hit the lake. The last time we took it to the lake was on Sept. 01 2012, we took it for a run and it hit 68 miles per hour, according to the GPS.
Photo: Sells Boat RANGER Photo: Sells Boat RANGER
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